Now before you go and hit that “Unsubscribe” button at least hear me out and THEN hit “Unsubscribe.” If you’re going to leave, I’d much rather you leave offended than because you were misinformed about my intentions with this post.

Tumblr, on its own, is pretty infamous. It’s where crazed fangirls congregate and blot out the sun like Xerxes’ arrows in 300 and Pagan/Witchy Tumblr has just as much of a reputation. If not for the constant tripe that shows up under the tags of “#pagan” or “#witchcraft” or even “#occult” than certainly because of the behavior of many of the, mostly young women, who make up the majority population.


See the look on the little girl on the left’s face? That’s the look on my face whenever I meet another white chick at a pagan gathering. Normally I manage to keep it inside.

But where a lot of people tend to act like Pagan Tumblr is just that cousin out in the boonies of crazy land making curse jars out of their mother’s pantry, I’m going to go ahead and say it; Pagan Tumblr is a fairly accurate portrayal of the reality of the pagan community as a whole. Granted it’s condensed and given just enough anonymity that anyone can become a bad ass if they have the right followers; but overall it’s a bastion for snot-nosed, normally middle class, entitled White girls and women (and I use that term very loosely) to bandy about social justice terms and act like little Scarlet O’Haras with the veneer of Savior complex that’s laughable considering many of them spend time begging for money or complaining about their lives.

Like the pagan community in real life, there is a fair bit of segregation. Pagans of color tend to congregate under certain tags or around certain pages because basically; the pagan community both in Tumblr and outside of it isn’t generally safe for those who aren’t either a) white women or b) gay white men. Neither party will want to admit to this, because to many of them social justice isn’t so much about a cohesive understanding but more of a game of one-upmanship. So what if you’re a Latino woman who can’t “pass” and deals with social pressures that comes from a rather small yet extremely vocal contingency convincing your fellow citizens that you are somehow “stealing opportunities” from “real Americans?” You obviously have no idea what it’s like to bequeer/obese/trans/disabled/[insert Oppression Olympics Option Here].

Oh no please. Tell me more about how your "fiesty Scottish blood" gives you the magical ability to be a complete bitch for no reason.

Oh no please. Tell me more about how your “fiesty Scottish blood” gives you the magical ability to be a complete bitch for no reason.

So kindly shut your ungrateful ass up and sit down until you’re needed to reaffirm whatever political point your benevolent Anglo-Pagan Mistresses and Masters have chosen for you.

And please prepare to have everything yo do say met with a level of petulant defensiveness befitting a spoiled 5 year old or a level of dismissal that can swiftly have you “cursed” for daring to speak outside of the group consensus. Or, as was my case with regard to a local former BNP and her proteges, publically slandered without anyone being brought to task for the action. That wasn’t even the first, or last time, I watched a couple of white folk get away with shit that would have had me called all kinds of names all over the internet.

So it’s easier to stick to your own, in the alleyways and by ways of pagandom where trans Pakistani women and men, Queer POC occultists, black Pagans, and other such not-the-right-minority minorities share their mysteries with other people who understand intersectionality and don’t expect them to hold a “place.” Especially a place that is consistantly one of “Mammy” where you/me/whoever is expected to offer loving kindness and forgiveness for the stamp of White Liberal Approval. No anger allowed and especially no telling High Priestess Cubby-Cunt from the Midwest that you don’t have the same issues with things that she does because you have your OWN issues to deal with.

So does this mean there is no space for people of color in the pagan community at all? In my honest opinion? There isn’t. I know, it’s unpopular because there’s been so many conferences and pep talks and the same people using pretty words like we haven’t heard this shit before, but overall? There are very few places where intersectionality, paganism, and perspective is respected and acknowledged for the aspects of reality that they are. One such place is The Cauldron, a pagan forum dedicated to discussion and debate that will ask you to place fact over your feelings (unless the conversation is actually about feelings) and other such congregations tend to be spaces created specifically FOR people of color because then it’s about being on our own turf.

And it’s kind of sad that “turf” is still a major player in a community that tries to pride itself on hugging trees and loving everything and shit.

So what’s a solution Nikki D? You got all this to say? Why don’t you help fix it?

Because really? Fuck them.

OMG! We're so glad you COULDN'T make it!

OMG! We’re so glad you COULDN’T make it!

Fuck them and the SPF50 they brought with them. I don’t want to swim in a piss-filled pool just because the white folk get to swim in it. They can have it. I’m fine with the segregation. I’m fine with my separate (and superior) sacred spaces. I’m fine with watching other negroes shuck and jive to make nice with motherfuckers who don’t give two shits about us until its protest or photo-op time. I’m fine looking someone in the eye and saying “By any means necessary.”

And the white pagans who know me and mine and have broken bread with me know exactly where I stand. I will only fight for those who fight for me. Period.

So Pagan Tumblr isn’t “so bad” because it’s so outrageous, it’s so bad because it shows EXACTLY what the Pagan community is actually like.

And this knowledge would probably end up saving a lot of people a lot of time dealing with the bullshit.