From where’d you come?
Across that road, an intersection lined with dusk
Just take the highway, 20 miles
to enter man’s most hallowed husk

Each traffic light can be your pyre
Each taxi hailed could be your hymn
To walk past signs that say “For Hire.”
The damp embrace of fetid whim

15 and K you turn the corner
And see the temple prostitutes
Yea, Aphrodite’s faithful servants
At least, it seems,you see the truth

3 blocks, no 4, to city center
Between the grind of tears and smoke
Forsaken once, forbade to enter
They’d ignore you even if you spoke.

And then you see it, topsy turvy
a blanket of the purest black
a simple pleasure lost in asphalt
hidden from the street lamp’s track

And rosy- fingered Dawn approaches
murky shadows bleed to green
the sickly sweet of life approaches
but yet you still remain unseen.